Is Park Si Hoo Back on Track?

Just like all fans I’m waiting for recent news about Park Si Hoo. When will the promotion start for “After Love”? When will the movie go in premiere in S. Korea, China and Japan? When will we
see Park Si Hoo in a new K-drama? His last one was
“Cheongdam-dong Alice”.


However, Park Si Hoo’s name and photo is showing up in news not directly related to him more frequently.

His co-star in “Confession of Murder”, Jung Jae Young, is starring in KBS’s drama “Assembly” now and being thrown with noodles. A report refers to the scene in “Confession of Murder” where
Park Si Hoo was being thrown with noodles by Jung Jae Young and commented how professionally he acted there, because the scene had to be shot multiple times.


In a report about Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend who are embroiled in a court case over her alleged pregnancy and abortion (more than once) as well as extortion, the reporter referred
to the Kakao talk they had about Park Si Hoo’s case. They mentioned his lawyer who specializes in such matters concerning women. The article followed up with all the details including the
alphabet characters involved – A, B, H, K. The most remarkable thing here: the article goes with a photo of Park Si Hoo.


Last I noticed was that SH K-Star used a photo of Park Si Hoo as the cover photo of their Facebook page. They also wrote a post referring to his profile on their voting website of Men World Cup and so on (

404986_456702721043270_389206847_n_fb_SH K-Star_20150731



Considering all this it feels like the media is slowly bringing
Park Si Hoo back to the attention of the public in a positive way. Can’t wait for Park Si Hoo’s definite comeback in the spotlight of
the Korean entertainment world, because that is where he belongs!

Credit: ParkSiHoo4U & Facebook@SH K-Star, thank you!

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