3rd Launch Event “Sihoo White Mask”

Original post in Korean 2015.08.05; English interpretation by Wilma


Selling price of “Sihoo White Mask” in the 3rd launch event has been scheduled.
“Sihoo White Mask” is made for export to China.
Currently, the sales price by Hayan for export sales in China is up to ₩ 880,000 and above.

First two orders are depleted in volume. Therefore, third launch is proceeded. Thanks to the internet with a significant discount price of ₩ 650,000.

“Sihoo White Mask” will improve beauty, eczema, wrinkle prevention, tentacle pores, skin rejuvenation and whitening.

Quantities can be closed early.

Internet prices on declaration.

All older women of the Republic of Korea should be pretty!!!

010 – 4668 – 4205



Credit: http://blog.daum.net/tujamo/9751462, thank you!

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