[VDO] History of Buyeo (former Kingdom of Baekje)

We all know that Park Si Hoo is originated from Buyeo. His ancestral parental home is there and he is building his own home close to it. Arirang TV has created an informative video about the history of Buyeo that used to be the Kingdom of Baekje. One of the three kingdoms Gorguryo, Baekje and Shilla.

One of Baekje’s kings, King Song, dreamed of bringing Baekje to the world. Nowadays Park Si Hoo is moving on to the world. The video is not too long, only 15 minutes. So if you are interested in
Park Si Hoo’s roots I recommend to watch this video. It is English spoken and you can put on English subtitles as well.^^

Credit: Arirang@youtube.com, thank you!

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