Dutch Fanclub for and about Park Si Hoo

Finally, I have started a fanclub for and about Park Si Hoo in Dutch at a Dutch platform. I have been thinking about the name for a long time. It is not a fanclub like Sihoorang or Japan Official Fan Club.

The platform is one of the largest communities in The Netherlands and consists of clubs. As I am fan of Park Si Hoo and I want it to be clear it is based in The Netherlands, I have chosen for
“Park Si Hoo Fanclub NL”.

This is the welcome banner of the first theme which is about “Scent”.


Designed by Wilma (Peris)

The homepage of the club will regularly change depending on its theme which could be one of Park Si Hoo’s dramas or other activities. All categories like links, news, albums, videos and so on will be filled with everything concerning Park Si Hoo.

This is the link: http://park-si-hoo-fc-nl.clubs.nl

The first purpose of starting this Dutch fanclub is to gather
Park Si Hoo’s Dutch fans in one place. The community has around 500,000 members so I hope to make a start with it. No one else has started something in Dutch yet.

Maybe that in future get togethers can be arranged. It all depends on if the Dutch fans will surface.

Even though you may not understand the Dutch language feel free to take a look and tell me how you think about it.^^


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Dutch Fanclub for and about Park Si Hoo — 3 Comments

  1. I have adjusted the link of the Dutch fanclub, because I had trouble with it somewhere else. Please, try again if you got an error because I was just in the process of changing.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. Congratulations Wilma for this great initiative.
    I liked what I saw.
    Wish Park Si Hoo Fan Club NL a beautiful development and I suggest you to write a letter or a message to SK embassy in NL and announce them about it, I’m sure they will salute your effort and who knows what good things could happen in consequence for Park Si Hoo and for club too.

    • Thanks for your visit and feedback Daniela.
      I didn’t think of writing to the SK embassy. So thanks for your suggestion. I will think it over. It’s true the SK embassy here can be very supportive with anything that promotes SK to the Dutch people.