Park Si Hoo’s Fans Will Never Let Go

I won’t let go by Rascal Flatts
Credit: Alex, thank you!

The music video this post starts with I have saved a long time ago, because I had the feeling it might be of use someday. Today I was scrolling through the list for another idea, but when I heard the song I changed my mind. The song resonates with the feelings of
Park Si Hoo’s fans during last two years. We never let him down during the hard times, but brought our energies together to comfort him.


I was taken back to February 18, 2013 when Park Si Hoo was accused of something he didn’t do at all, but which was revealed to the pubic and the beginning of a long, silent period. The Korean society expected him to exercise self-restraint for the caused controversy and to refrain from public appearance.


Park Si Hoo’s true and loyal fans have never lost their faith in him. On the contrary, all his fans around the world united to protect him and to fight for him. We would never allow the public to forget him. A role model for many of us. A gentleman at heart and always caring for the less fortunate. His fans have continued to donate in his name till this day.


We all went through the pain and the sadness, but were also convinced that once Park Si Hoo would rise from the ashes like a phenix. We continued to support him always. Each of us in his own way. Be it by creating supportive music videos or keeping him at the top of numerous voting sites, for example in South Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan.


At the end of 2013 Park Si Hoo left for China to work on a movie with Chinese actress Chen Ran ~ Scent. He had fan meetings in Japan and China. Two photo exhibitions in Japan. Ads in China and has recently finished a joint-venture movie of South Korea, China and Japan with actress Yoon Eun Hye ~ After Love ~ which is expected to have its premiere simultaneously in mentioned countries around August 2015.


However, the best news was released last week. Park Si Hoo has been selected as a winner for the Hallyu Star Talent Award on the Luxury Brand Model Awards 2015 to be held at
Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul on May 27 and 28. It will be his first public appearance in South Korea since the beginning of 2013. One of the recommendations was because of Park Si Hoo being at top of many voting sites. And we, his fans, have kept him there by diligently voting for him! Are you as excited and happy as I am? Finally, Park Si Hoo is making his comeback in South Korea.

Congratulations to you Si Hoo ssi! Your fans love you!


Credit photos: Sihoorang, Photobucket and as on photos, thanks!

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