[LBMA] Park Si Hoo has won Hallyu Asia Top Star Award

News report 2015.05.21


Park Si Hoo has won the Top Star Award at the Luxury Brand Model Awards 2015.

The organizer of the Luxury Brand Model Awards 2015 announced on May 21 that Park Si Hoo has been selected as winner for the Top Star Award and will come to Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) on May 27 at 3:00 pm. Global agencies and international partners have made the objective assessment. Park Si Hoo has been chosen for the Hallyu Asia Top Star Award as best Asian representative.

Park Si Hoo has mainly been active in China and his popularity is currently enjoying a peak. He is scheduled to return to the screen with the joint venture movie “After Love”. Earlier Park Si Hoo starred in Chinese movie “Scent” which will be released in Japan in June. The news that Park Si Hoo will attend the awards ceremony is already attracting great attention in China and Japan. A number of global internet users is showing great interest. An event-related blog reported that it missed past period. There is a variety of interest across the continent.

The Luxury Brand Model Awards 2015 will show various K-pop concerts and performances. Top models aimed at working in foreign countries with European designers Anthony and Tess will
provide the grand opening with a fashion show. The event with the selection of K-pop concerts, pop culture arts and global Hallyu stars will merit an international slam tournament.

Reporter Jeong Hyeong Seok – hschung@sportschosun.com

Credit: Nate News, thank you! English translation by Wilma

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