Director Jessey Tsang Tsui Shan’s Opinion about Park Si Hoo

Director Tsang Tsui Shan’s opinion about Park Si Hoo as published in the picture book going with the “Scent” DVD.


I remember the first time I went to Korea to meet Park Si Hoo, he was wearing a cap and spoke gently and softly, and occasionally broke into a charming smile. I thought: This is In Jun. In Jun is someone who is gentle in appearance, with a kind of honest, wacky image. He is the kind of lover girls dream of possessing.

The male leads in my previous movies are all mostly macho, carefree guys. This time it is just the opposite. Kang In Jun is a gentleman who is very considerate and does everything very carefully. To me Park Si Hoo is not an ordinary handsome idol. He is very complicated — complicated meaning he has this humorous streak but at the same time he has this deep melancholy in him. This is the state of
Kang In Jun in the movie. “Scent” is a romantic comedy, a journey in search of love, with tears intertwining with laughter.

This is the first time I worked with a Korean actor and there are not as many communication barriers as I imagined. Park Si Hoo and I don’t speak much but we both respect each other. Either we don’t say anything, but when we do, we invariably talk in the world of the characters. He is not the kind of actor who listens entirely to the director; he will respect your opinion while giving his character greater depth and soul. We learn to understand each other silently in the process of cooperation. The professionalism of Korean artists deserves our respect. They are willing to work hard for their roles.

During shooting his relationship with the actress in the house is both simple and complex. It is not easy to handle the delicate mix of vindictive grudge and comic relief between the two. At the same time it is mixed with In Jun’s emotions of missing his girlfriend, and
Park Si Hoo’s interpretation is much to my satisfaction.

When you think Park Si Hoo is just a simple idol, he’ll offer you more surprises! We look forward to working with him again.

Credit: ParkSiHoo4U, thank you!

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