Voting for “Asian Male God” has ended

The voting for the “2015 Asian Male God” has ended.


Park Si Hoo has become 4th in the list of 10 Asian Male Gods with 2,259,691 votes.


I would like to thank everyone for their diligent voting to make it possible for Park Si Hoo to be one of the 10 Asian Male Gods. Of course, we were going for the top position, but in our hearts
Park Si Hoo will always be our number one!^^


As you can notice from above print screen, Park Si Hoo has been on top for a little while when he was having his birthday on April 3. During the entire final round he has been on top as well as on bottom, but we have never given up. We are one big Park Si Hoo family!

Thank you once again for your continuous support!^^


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