Update on Voting site 123fans


Photo credit: ParkSiHoo4U, thank you!

Shortly after midnight in China Park Si Hoo’s voting page on 123fans was unblocked and we could leave our votes for him again.

I have made several screenshots of the gradient of the course of the votes. I used the Korea Standard Time for your reference. In The Netherlands it is still Tuesday April 7.

As you can notice Park Si Hoo is back on first spot. Let’s hope his voting page won’t be blocked again. Keep voting when you have time for it. Thank you!





Screenshots made by Wilma

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Update on Voting site 123fans — 1 Comment

  1. Since the re-opening of Park Si Hoo’s page there has not been much activity on the page of KJK. At the moment Park Si Hoo is around 7 millions votes ahead of KJK. It looks like voting is going the normal way again. Thank you for your support!