Rice Wreaths Donations by Park Si Hoo’s Fans since 2010


Park Si Hoo’s fans started to cheer for him and and send Dreame rice wreaths for the first time on September 5, 2010 during his Fan Meeting. They sent 130 kg of rice which was donated to the Salvation Army.

At the press conference of The Princess’ Man on July 13, 2011 and again on October 6, 2011 multinational fans sent in total 630 kg of rice wreaths providing 80 families with 20 kg of rice each.


At the press conference of “Confession of Murder” on
October 10, 2012 fans from Sihoorang, DC Inside Park Si Hoo Gallery, Park Si Hoo Fan Club “Crescendo Rodanthe”, Park Si Hoo Bar and Taiwan sent 1.6 tons of rice wreaths. It was sufficient to provide 13,000 meals for undenourished children. During the premiere of the movie another 220 kg was sent.


At the press conference of Cheongdam-dong Alice on
November 27, 2012 fans from Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea sent 2,28 tons of rice wreaths which was sufficient to provide 19,000 needy people and undenourished children with one meal.


At Park Si Hoo’s Birthday Party on April 6, 2014 fans sent 2,8 tons of rice wreaths providing 140 needy families in Eunsan.


Finally, at Park Si Hoo’s last Birthday Fan Meeting on April 3, 2015 fans from Sihoorang, DC Inside Park Si Hoo Gallery, Japan Official Fan Club, Park Si Hoo Bar and ParkSiHoo4U sent 2,5 tons of rice wreaths to Lotte World Hotel in Seoul where the party was held. The rice will be donated to the elderly people in Buyeo county.






Credit: Dreame, ParkSiHoo4U & Sihoorang, thank you!

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