Rice Wreath Donations for Park Si Hoo’s Birthday 2015.04.03

At the occasion of Park Si Hoo’s birthday on April 3 his Korean Fancafé Sihoorang, Japan Official Fan Club, Park Si Hoo Bar,
DCInside Park Si Hoo Gallery and ParkSiHoo4U (International Fans) had donated rice wreaths via Dreame. These rice wreaths were exhibited at Lotte World Hotel where the Birthday Party was held.


Dreame_bdevent_psh4u_20140403#Japan Official Fan Club
Dreame_bdevent_JOFC_20140403#Park Si Hoo Bar (China)
Dreame_bdevent_SHR_20140403Dreame_bdevent_3_20140403Dreame_bdevent_4_20150403#DCInside Park Si Hoo Gallery
Credit: Dreame, thank you!

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