Park Si Hoo’s 2015 Birthday Tour ~ Departure to Buyeo

Friday April 3 the fans were leaving for Buyeo in tour buses early in the morning. Park Si Hoo, his brother Wu Ho, parents and grandmother would meet them for the tour of the family property. it was requested not to take photos of Park Si Hoo’s new home which is still under construction. So I will not post photos here, although they are all over the internet.

#One of the touring cars from the outside
NancePSH2015BD-13-e1428020125531_PSH4U_tourbus_bdevent_20150403#The inside of the touring car

#Road map of the Park property designed by Park Si Hoo
NancePSH2015BD-17_PSH4U_tourmap_bdevent_20150403#Welcoming banner designed by Buyeo citizens
NancePSH2015BD-22_PSH4U_welcomebanner_bdevent_20150403#Cherry blossom
Credit photos: Nance@ParkSiHoo4U, thank you!

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