Happy Birthday to Park Si Hoo!


Friday April 3, is the day Park Si Hoo has reached the memorable age of 38 years (his Korean age). He is having his Birthday Event in Buyeo as organized by his Japan Official Fan Club. No doubt,
Park Si Hoo will be very happy to celebrate his birthday with his big family. I wish Si Hoo ssi, his family and all of his princesses a wonderful birthday celebration together!


Last week many Happy Birthday Cards and MVs went online to celebrate the birthday of our beloved actor. I took part in Birthday projects from other blogs too. Many fans have been very creative in expressing their love for Park Si Hoo. As this blog is dedicated to him as well, I cannot stay behind. I don’t want to either. However, it cannot be compared to what has been done already. Nonetheless, this is my humble way to celebrate the birthday of a great man and actor I will be faithful to as long as I live!^^


All images designed by Wilma

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Happy Birthday to Park Si Hoo! — 2 Comments

  1. Wilma you are a truly fan of Park Si Hoo. Your blog dedicated for him, your birthday cards and your wishes for Park Si Hoo are v. beautiful and kind. God bless you!
    Yes, It is party time… Let’s celebrate! Happy Birthday Park Si Hoo! Be healthy! Be happy!

    • Thank you for your kind words Anna!^^
      I always do the best I can. God bless you too!