[Interview] Park Si Hoo: “Prosecutor Princess ended all too soon”

This is an old interview which was taken after “Prosecutor Princess” had ended. Recently I found this English translation and edited it a bit for the readibility. I didn’t read it before.


R = Reporter
P = Park Si Hoo

Park Si Hoo, who appeared good-acting and created mania with Lawyer Seo In Woo in “Prosecutor Princess”, held a fan meeting with Japanese fans in Seoul on May 22, 2010.
This fan meeting was conducted after the wrap-up party of “Prosecutor Princess”. It had a homely atmosphere due to the small number of fans. Park Si Hoo was talking about the last episode of “Prosecutor Princess”, having a game with the fans and treating them rice balls. Also, he sang a song ‘I Love You’ in low and seductive voice and finally, he touched fans by shaking hands and taking shots with everyone.

Park Si Hoo shared the excitement and watched the final episode with fans on May 20 and then he attended a wrap-up party on
May 21. Park Si Hoo felt lacking till the end, but he seemed to
be impressed from his fan’s support.

I listened to his story.

R: Please, give us your impressions after the fan meeting.

P: Different from existing fan meetings, it had a nice and homelike atmosphere. I’m so happy to become familiar with each person.

R: Prosecutor Princess has ended. How do you feel now?

P: I’m feeling lack. It seems short since it had only 16 episodes. I feel like extending them, but it has already ended. I would like to see you again through a good scenario.

R: What was your favorite scene?

P: There is no NG, It shot 15 times for several cut. Otherwise my favorite shot is when I caught Ma Hye Ri (played by Kim So Yeon) at the Airport.

R: Your shower scene also became a topic. I heard you had no time to keep a shape during shooting.

P: It would be nice to show off good figures, but I didn’t prepare. Sadly that scene was shot in 5 minutes. (Smile)

R: You have shown various fashion in drama, Was it supported clothing or yours?

P: Sometimes I wore my clothes and I have worn clothes gifted from fans.

R: In June a fan meeting is held in Japan, This time in Osaka.

P: Yes. I had had Tokyo fan meeting two times at least. I heard lots of voices to hope for Osaka. I decided to go there. I would like to meet many fans.

* ‘Park Si Hoo FAN MEETING in OSAKA 2010’ is held in the Osaka Ion Cosmetics Theater BRAVA on June 20 2010. Hot attention of fans is predicted because it is the first fan meeting after opening the Japan Fan Club in April. *

Credit: parksihoo.tumblr.com, thank you!

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