Happy First Anniversary!^^


Picture edited by Wilma (Peris)

Last year, on March 22, I launched this blog dedicated to
Park Si Hoo. One year is passing by so fast! Today it’s this blog’s First Anniversary.

So many happened with Park Si Hoo during this past year. I tried to make a selection of all present events like the premiere of his movie “Scent” in China, the filming of “Alter Love” and the various ads, as well as to look back to his past works. In addition, I wrote some posts myself though not that many as I would like to.

Anyway, my goal was and is to highlight everything Park Si Hoo in a lively way to avoid being boring. I realize “Park Si Hoo….Korean Actor” is only one of the many already existing blogs and fanpages about him. It is a challenge to develop a blog with a recognizable style. I will continue to work hard to achieve it.


Credit image: Google Search Images

Let’s have a toast together and cheer for another year in support of Park Si Hoo!

Thank you for your continuing visits to this blog! I appreciate that very much!^^

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