[After Love] Chinese Media Visiting Set 2015.01.19


Chinese media were invited to visit the set of “After Love” when they were shooting in Beijing’s Huairou. The scene being filmed that day was a stuntman on a wire.
In the interview Park Si Hoo talked about the movie. He said his character Kim Seung Jun, the pilot, is a pitiable and stupid man, because he ignored the love of his wife, Eun Hong, during life and only realized her importance to him after she had died.
If Park Si Hoo had a girlfriend he would do his best to love and care for her, because he is a gentle man.

Credit: SuperPSHPSH@youtube.com, thank you!

Park Si Hoo also said he has always wanted to play a role in a tragic love story such as “After Love”.
He is deeply touched by this movie and hopes his fans and the audience will feel the same.

Screen shots TV reporting
Some close-ups

Credit: ParkSiHoo4U & Sihoorang, thank you!

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