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It has been for some time I wondered about how Park Si Hoo’s first Chinese movie “Scent” would look like. I had done some research about Chen Ran and Jessey Tsang Tsui Shan and was convinced the movie should have been turned out a good one. The photos during shooting, the trailers and, last but not least, Park Si Hoo singing the OST in Chinese as well as Korean were so promising. I wanted to watch the outcome.

So I started searching the web if I could find anything about “Scent” since it had had its premiere in China on August 15, 2014. Today I have been informed the “Scent” DVD is out of stock throughout the industry, it has not been reissued after sold out and restock schedule has not been confirmed for a while as well.

Therefore, I am so happy I came across this link which site enables you to watch “Scent” in a very good quality, with a good English translation and not much advertisements bothering you. I took the opportunity to watch “Scent” and to satisfy my curiosity. It has been such a long time since I could watch Park Si Hoo playing in something new. “Cheongdam-dong Alice” has been his last work.


Kang In Joon is such an adorable man. Going after his girlfriend who left him because he was too occupied by his job. Losing his wallet after leaving the plane, hurting a woman while trying to
interfere in a quarrel she had with her boyfriend and being treated like a laughing stock because he did not understand Chinese.
Zhu Li (Chen Ran) really behaved like a bitch towards
Kang In Joon (Park Si Hoo) shortly after the accident. She offered him to do her housekeeping and take care of her to repay the medical expenses and to take revenge at her boyfriend. In return Kang In Joon could live in her house.

Kang In Joon endured it all. No matter how Zhu Li bossed him, he kept his patience, doing his best to satisfy her and meanwhile searching for his girlfriend with the help of one of Zhu Li’s friends who spoke Korean.

All of Zhu Li’s friends started to like Kang In Joon when they got to know him better. How could they not like such a sweet and caring man who flew to a country he did not speak the language of in search for his girlfriend he wanted to get back to? Finally, Zhu Li started to like Kang In Joon as well, but the lost Korean girlfriend showed up which caused Zhu Li and Kang in Joon to separate from each other. However, you could sense the separation broke both of their hearts.


Apart from each other Kang In Joon and Zhu Li sorted out their feelings. After a few months they came back together. The love they spread throughout the movie keeps you watching from
beginning to end. Making you feel as happy as they do when that same love brings them back together.

Once a Chinese fan described Kang In Joon/Park Si Hoo as a “warm personality”. A man who looks after a woman like Kang In Joon does, and I am not talking about his doing the housekeeping instead of the woman, cannot but have a “warm personality”. Kang In Joon made me fall in love with him as well.

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[Scent] Adorable Kang In Joon — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Wilma,
    Thank you very much for sharing the link. I miss him acting so much and I’m happy and grateful for this opportunity to watch “Scent” on New Year’s night as a celebration.
    Please receive my best wishes for a happy New Year. Be healthy and happy always.

    • Hi Daniela,
      You are welcome. It is the least I could do for all fans outside of China who wish to watch “Scent” as well and have not been able to go to the Chinese cinemas or to buy the DVD.
      It is a good choice of yours to watch “Scent” as a celebration on New Year’s night. It is a feel good movie and you will love Kang In Joon. Park Si Hoo is such a great actor.
      Thank you for the best wishes, Daniela. Please, accept mine in return. May all your dreams come true.