My Journey Leading to Park Si Hoo


Before I got interested in Korean dramas I watched a lot of MV’s from Korean and Japanese artists. I am subscribed to KBS World channel on YouTube and am notified every time they upload a new video.


This way I had seen previews from “The Princess’ Man”. I thought from the start: “I want to watch this”. Park Si Hoo was still unknown to me. However, I had no idea how I could get access to Korean dramas. Much later I became familiar with sites like Kimchi Dramas, Drama Crazy and YouTube, of course, because a lot of people upload dramas with English subs. You just must know about it.

It has been a slow process getting to know about Park Si Hoo. Even when I followed “The Princess’ Man” I did not know immediately the name of that guy that attracted me as a magnet from the beginning.


Actually, “The Princess’ Man” will always be special for me, because from the start I had the feeling I was watching my own story. I am 100% white and Dutch, have no ties with South Korea or any other Asian country, but still it felt like memories were awaken inside me. All felt so familiar: the period of time, the story, the surroundings. Even the language, which I do not know, felt and feels familiar to me. Though I have to put in a lot of effort to learn the Korean language.

As I became curious about who played Kim Seung Yoo, I started to read comments on YouTube and so I learned Park Si Hoo was the man. I Googled him, slowly I found more and more information and his official Twitter account. He seemed to have more than one online. During this journey I also encountered ParkSiHoo4u. I knew at once I had to be there for all inside news about Park Si Hoo. I subscribed to this blog during the first two or three months of its existence.

In fact, it has only happened once before I followed a person, because I was that much fond of him I wanted to know everything about his doings. I must have been 10 years old by then. So how could it happen that I was taken head over heels by Park Si Hoo like a thunder striking?


May sound weird, but I have the feeling we know each other, although I have never met him in person. I do not need words to know how he feels. His eyes, his facial expressions, the way he
walks, it tells me everything. When he laughs, I laugh. When he smiles, I smile. When he cries, I cry. I want to make him feel comfortable and protect him, when he forgets to protect himself.


When Park Si Hoo features a role, he becomes one with that role. That is also the reason, why he needs some time to let it go after the shooting has ended. His ability to lose himself into the character he is featuring at that moment makes that deep in my heart I want to go through a drama from beginning to end at once. I just have to force myself to stop, because I need to sleep as well and daily life goes on too, of course.


Furthermore, watching Park Si Hoo makes me feel so relaxed. He is still in my mind when I go to bed. I do not remember dreams, but I remember feelings. It happened so many times I woke up and realized that Park Si Hoo had been with me in my dreams! Hmm, at such a moment I wish I could dream a little longer.

I think this is enough about my fascination for Park Si Hoo He will always be special for me. If I did not live so far away, I would go look for him. No matter what others might think about me.


Credit photos: ParkSiHoo4U, thank you!

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