Happy Chuseok!

Chuseok is the biggest holiday in Korea. This year it falls on September 8, giving people a five-day vacation from September
6 to 10.

Chuseok is a time for reunions with families in a parent’s or older sibling’s hometown. People leave their apartment and head to their childhood homes. They buy and bring as many gifts as they can carry for their parents, siblings and other relatives. For many people, one’s childhood home is a resting place that will live forever in their heart.

Chuseok (4)

Chuseok is a festival during which people share their fruition and celebrate the arrival of the mid-autumn harvest season on the Korean Peninsula.

During Chuseok families gather and visit their ancestral burial grounds to pay respect to all the earlier generations of their family. Besides this there are also many events and activities that one can enjoy. Traditional activities include bullfights, weaving, viewing the full moon and attending a traditional circle dance, a ganggangsullae.

In short, Chuseok is the biggest holiday in Korea. It is a time when people can celebrate an abundant harvest, pay tribute and express gratitude to their family and to earlier generations and can enjoy the warmth of community.


Source: KOREA.net & Google images

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