Park Si Hoo’s OST “The Sound Of You” for movie “Scent” beats JYJ & TVXQ


The OST for the Chinese movie “Scent” sung by Park Si Hoo is currently on the top of the music charts.

The OST titled, “The Sound of You” is a collaboration with
Park Si Hoo and producer Kim Hyeong Seok. Park Si Hoo recorded it in both Korean and Chinese. The video was exclusively revealed on one of China’s biggest portal sites.

Park Si Hoo’s “The Sound of You” ranked first place in the Chinese charts on the 8th of August Korean time. Both Korean and Chinese versions came up on live time chart, ‘King Chart’.

Park Si Hoo’s agency stated, “It beats JYJ and TVXQ in 8th and 6th place. This is the power of ‘Asian Prince Park Si Hoo’. We are grateful so many people are showing interest in Park Si Hoo’s first Chinese movie. We did not think we would get a reaction like this”.

Park Si Hoo’s “Scent” will be released on the 15th of August all over China.


Source: TVreport

Credit: Hancinema, thank you!


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