[VDO][Y-STAR] Park Si Hoo Dominates Japan Terrestial Broadcasting

Credit: ystarnews@youtube.com, thank you!

In this VDO Y-STAR News is reporting about Park Si Hoo’s current success in Japan with the terrestial broadcasting of his dramas “The Princess’ Man” and “Cheongdam-Dong ALice”.

Y-Star News also gives a view of the huge amount of fans waiting for Park Si Hoo at the airport during his visits to China as well as glimpses of the shooting of his Chinese movie “Scent” in Busan.

Towards the end of this VDO Y-Star News refers to the case
Park Si Hoo recently won regarding the shooting of the Music Video in Thailand in September 2012 which was never finished. Park Si Hoo was filed by company “A” for paying compensation of the damages.

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