Park Si Hoo Is Singing Theme Song Of “Scent”


July 28 the producer of “Scent” announced that the Korean version of the theme song “The sound of your coming” will be sung by Park Si Hoo. Kim Hyung Seok, the songwriter of megahit
“I believe” from “My Sassy Girl” has been invited to write the music and lyrics. The song will express the heartfelt feelings of the Male God which will produce a “lingering scent”.


According to producer Guo Li Jun it has always been Park Si Hoo’s wish to sing the theme song. Park Si Hoo’s singing of the theme songs for his very popular dramas “The Princess’ Man” (during the Tokyo Fan Meeting for The Princess’ Man in September 2012) and “For You” of Prosecutor Princess’ (included only in the Japanese OST of Prosecutor Princess) has gained much praise in the industry.

In this theme song Park Si Hoo reveals the feelings of a man in love. “Passing one another feels so embarrassing / always miss your beauty in dreams / your appearance makes the whole world
slow down / it cannot be replaced”. The scenario of long-distance love, something that defies geography, is also expressed in the lyrics. “Even if our love is divided by the sea, the waves will
bring you to me”. Park Si Hoo seems to express his own dream here: “Even if the whole world is against me, I won’t give up. I’ll be here, waiting for the sound of your coming”.

It is reported that Park Si Hoo personally invited the famous Korean music producer and composer Kim Hyung Seok to create the theme song “The sound of your coming”. Anyone
who hears the song will grasp the “lingering scent” feeling.


Kim Hyung Seok not only wrote the music and lyrics, but also supervised Park Si Hoo’s recording of the song. After listening to the recordings, he praised Park Si Hoo’s warm and rich voice which suits the temperament of this song, giving it a “lingering scent” feeling.

It also has been reported that Park Si Hoo has invited Korea’s top team to create a MV for this song which will be released soon, before the movie’s release. It will surely be well received by audiences.


Credit: ParkSiHoo4U, thank you!

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