Park Si Hoo Is Going To Star In Chocolate CF (Updated)


It has been reported that Park Si Hoo has signed on to launch a new confectionary brand. He will be the star model for a
“Star Chocolate” advertisement aimed mainly at markets in China and Japan.

A variety of ads and photos will feature Park Si Hoo as the new attraction to showcase these new confectionary products.

Apart from the domestic market the products will be launched in the largest commodity market of China as well as Japan and other Asian markets.

Park Si Hoo’s agency HOO_factory said: “Thanks to the love of fans in China and Japan which led to this opportunity to do product advertising. We are well aware of the sense of responsibility which comes with this “sharing activity”.”

Sharing activity refers to the set up of “Children’s Fund and Experience Museum” every time “Star Chocolate” launches a new product in China and other Asian countries and use some of the proceeds to help children from poor families with scholarships and living subsidies, practicing the real meaning of sharing.

Credit: ParkSiHoo4U, thank you!

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Park Si Hoo Is Going To Star In Chocolate CF (Updated) — 2 Comments

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