Release First Concept Poster “Scent”

The first concept poster of “Scent” has been released.

Unlike conventional concept posters it does not use figures, landscape, and other forms of realism. Instead it combines characteristics of pop art, appearing as a composition with a strong sense of artistic design of painting in the sight of the audience. The composition of this concept poster expresses the theme of the film “odor of love”.

I guess it’s something you must like. Although the silhouettes of Park Si Hoo and Chen Ran are visible, I really hope a more conventional poster will be released as well. How about you?

Source: ParkSiHoo4U

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Release First Concept Poster “Scent” — 2 Comments

  1. It’s a feathered poster, literally and figuratively ^^.

    Instead, I hope the movie will be simply beautiful, giving us the tears of joy, leaving us speechless as a starry night.

    • You’re right about that Daniela.
      You’ve been very poetic. A feel good movie would be most valuable gift.^^