Park Si Hoo’s Debut Movie “Confession of Murder”


After Park Si Hoo’s debut movie “Confession of Murder” was released in S. Korea on November 8, 2012 it hit the box office with over 2,000,000 viewers and travelled around the world in 2013. The movie was sold to Japan (Twin Co), China (Shanghai Vision Film), Indonesia (Ram Indo), French-speaking Europe (Synergy Cinema) and German-speaking Europe (Splendid Films).

“Confession of Murder” was screened in various cities in Japan for a very long time. Followed by Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. The movie was invited to film festivals in the USA and Canada, featured at Florence Korea Film Fest 2013 in Italy and l’Etrange Festival 2013 in Paris, France.

Park Si Hoo was nominated for the “Best New Actor Award” at
50th Grand Bell (Daejong) Film Festival 2013, but didn’t win, “Confession of Murder” won the “Thriller Award” at Brussels Fantastic Film Festival (BIFF) 2013 in Belgium.

The MV below shows the making of “Confession of Murder”.
Enjoy watching.^^

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