[MV] Park Si Hoo’s Trip To Beijing, China from April 15 to 17, 2014


Park Si Hoo’s attendance to the opening ceremony of “4th Beijing International Film Festival”┬átogether with the “Scent” production staff has been a great success. Park Si Hoo was admired for his interaction with the numerous fans who screamed his name and were recording videos of him. Park Si Hoo kept smiling as a true “Smiling Star”. Many of the participants as well as staff approached him for photos and autographs testifying to his high popularity in China. Before the ceremony Park Si Hoo was joking around with his co-stars and they took some selfies.┬áPark si Hoo’s smile and charisma have earned him the nickname of the “Smiling Prince”. His personal image and charitable activities have also won him the nickname of “Warm Male”.

The photos I’ve used in this MV are just a small part of all the ones that are circulating on the world wide web. However, it gives an impression of how popular Park Si Hoo is in China. Whenever he
appears there he is awaited by many fans who keep supporting him from the moment of arriving till the moment of departure.

Members of EXO are partly of Chinese origin. So their music is appropriate to this MV and the screaming at the background during their performance is the same screaming Park Si Hoo encounters as soon as he lands in China. Hope you enjoy the combination of the photos and music in this MV.^^

Source of information: ParkSiHoo4U

Credit photos: ParkSiHoo4U & Sihoorang, thank you!

Music: Mix of Mama, Myotic & Lucifer by EXO during MAMA 2012


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