[MV] Queen of Reversals – Park Si Hoo Tribute

“Queen of Reversals” is my most favorite drama of Park Si Hoo. Although it has not been the first one I watched, the character of
Goo Yong Shik left an indelible impression on me. A lot of fans
don’t really like this drama because of the character Hwang Tae Hee. This is the woman Goo Yong Shik falls in love with. She is his senior in years, still married when they meet for the first time and mother of a daughter. I admire how Goo Yong Shik keeps waiting for
Hwang Tae Hee
until she is ready to accept his heart. The matured man towards the end of this drama is not to be compared with the boyish young man in the beginning. That’s overall the strength of Park Si Hoo in all of his dramas. His ability to develop the character he is portraying from beginning to the end.

This MV shows many sides of Park Si Hoo that made him beloved with his fans. His smiles, his sexyness, his countless facial expressions, his muscular body and the way he treats the woman he loves. Please, enjoy watching!^^

Song: Lady by Big Bang. Credit: TheAletum@youtube.com

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