Beijing International Film Festival (Updated)



Sihoorang has left a notification about Park Si Hoo’s flight schedule for his visit to Beijing International Film Festival.

Departure from Incheon, South Korea: flight OZ333 at 1:00 pm on
April 15, 2014.
Arrival at Beijing, China at 2:10 pm.

Departure from Beijing, China: flight OZ334 at 3:30 pm on
April 17, 2014.
Arrival at Incheon, South Korea at 6:25 pm.




Sihoorang, Park Si Hoo’s Korean Fan CafĂ©, has announced that Park Si Hoo will attend Beijing International Film Festival in China from
15 – 17 April 2014. More details will be announced later.


Credit: Sihoorang, thank you!

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