“My Golden Life” Episodes 11 & 12 English Subs

Episode 11 is my most favorite episode until now! Finally, life is going smoother for Ji An! She has started as a regular employee at Haesung Apparel Marketing Group. Not to everyone’s liking though. Unexpectedly, she had to show up and introduce herself as Choi Eun Suk to a group of ladies at the gallery of mother Choi. Someone leaked the secret! However, Ji An passed the test cum laude with the help of oppa Do Kyung! 🙂

An old scar at her right little toe noticed by Do Kyung brought an old conversation back into Ji An’s mind. The words spoken by mother Seo were not in sync with the time the child Choi Eun Suk got lost! She could not be Choi Eun Suk! Ji An investigated the old case and in the end found proof for her suspicion. She is not Choi Eun Suk, but Seo Ji An!

Credit: KBS World TV@youtube.com, thank you!

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Episode 14 “My Golden Life” Ended with a Bang! 2017.10.15

Park Si Hoo as Choi Do Kyung

Screen shot by Wilma (Peris)

Episode 14 knew many scenes which attracted attention and might point to future developments in the drama. What makes us anxiously waiting for episode 15 next weekend is the ending of episode 14! Unplanned, but
Ji An couldn’t hold back any longer and confessed to Do Kyung that she isn’t his sister Eun Suk!


Earlier Ji An impressed at the board meeting explaining the reason of the leaked photos of Do Kyung and her which caused a scandal and made grandfather decide to introduce Ji An as the lost Choi daughter Eun Suk.
Ji An managed to convince the board of directors as Seo Ji An employee of Haesung Apparel Marketing Team!

Screen shot episode 14 "My Golden Life"

Screen shot by Wilma (Peris)

From the look on grandfather’s face you can tell he is pleased with how
Ji An handles the matter!

President of Haesung Group (MGL)

Screen shot by Wilma (Peris)

Mother Choi’s brother-in-law doesn’t look pleased at all! Is he the one who had set up the photo scandal to bring Do Kyung down?

Aunt & Uncle Noh (MGL)

Screen shot by Wilma (Peris)

So many questions, but the one that matters most: how will Do Kyung act after hearing Ji An’s confession? The look in his eyes doesn’t predict anything good for Ji An! But hey Do Kyung, a deceiver doesn’t look straight into your eyes with wide open eyes!

Shin Hye Sun as Seo Ji An

Screen shot by Wilma (Peris)

Last, but not least, the viewer ratings have increased again! On Saturday 27.4% and on Sunday 32.4% according to AGB Nielsen Korea!

DateEpisodeNielsen - NationalNielsen - SeoulTNmS - NationalTNmS - Seoul
2017-09-02119.7% (1st)19.5% (3rd)20.7% (1st)17.5% (4th)
2017-09-03223.7% (1st)23.5% (1st)22.5% (1st)20.0% (1st)
2017-09-09322.4% (1st)22.2% (2nd)23.2% (1st)19.4% (2nd)
2017-09-10428.4% (1st)28.2% (1st)29.6% (1st)26.0% (1st)
2017-09-16525.3% (1st)24.5% (1st)25.2% (1st)20,9% (1st)
2017-09-17629.7% (1st)29.7% (1st)28.8% (1st)24.5% (1st)
2017-09-23726.2% (1st)25.6% (1st)25.8% (1st)22.0% (2nd)
2017-09-24830.9% (1st)30.5% (1st)31.2% (1st)28.4% (1st)
2017-09-30925.4%(1st)24.3% (1st)24.4% (1st)21.0% (3rd)
2017-10-011029.6% (1st)29.8% (1st)28.1% (1st)23.9% (1st)
2017-10-071127.2% (1st)26.7% (1st)24.8% (1st)20.3% (3rd)
2017-10-081230.9% (1st)30.1% (1st)30.3% (1st)27.4% (1st)
2017-10-141327.4% (1st)26.5% (1st)27.9% (1st)23.3% (3rd)
2017-10-151432.4% (1st)31.7% (1st)31.2% (1st)27.5% (1st)

Credit: KBS Drama, AGB Nielsen & TNmS, thank you!

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Living with Fear

That is how to best describe episode 13 for how Seo Ji An lived her life after knowing how mother Seo swapped her with Seo Ji Soo! It caused her nightmares knowing how mother Choi could respond, if she would confess she is not her real daughter!

Ji An isn’t at ease anymore with oppa Do Kyung. She listens to him, but her face is without emotions and she is avoiding to look into his eyes. What a difference after she just had had her victory with the ladies at the gallery!

Episode 13 didn’t bring relief yet for Ji An. While she is in struggle, father and mother Choi offered her to go study abroad to master in art. How will Ji An deal with this?

The preview for episode 14 promises new developments and not all for the good! Someone continues to spread gossips about the Choi family to dishonor them! Ah, less then an hour before we know more!

Credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

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Preview Episode 13 “My Golden Life” 2017.10.14

Last weekend ended in a shock for Seo Ji An, when she found proof that mother Seo lied to her and mother Choi. Not she, but
Seo Ji Soo is the Choi family lost daughter! How will Ji An deal with this shock? Will she ask oppa Do Kyung for help with solving this matter? Can’t wait for episode 13 to begin in about 1 hour and
20 minutes!

Join me with watching!

  • http://www.kbs.co.kr
  • Click OnAir-VOD on top menu
  • Click KBS 2 TV in the pop-up menu
  • Player will appear in separate screen

Credit: Drama KBS, thank you!

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“My Golden Life” Episodes 9 & 10 English Subs

The weekend of October 7 and 8 was a turn around in the relationship between Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An. In episode 9 things seemed to get worse for Ji An, although she tried her best to adjust to the Choi family rules. However, mother Choi got so angry she ordered to throw out all
Ji An’s old stuff she had brought with her the first day! When Ji An tried to climb over the wall to drink away her sadness with a can of beer, she was surprised by Do Kyung!

Episode 9

In episode 10 Do Kyung and Ji An got closer to each other as brother and sister. Their frosty relationship thawed due to Do Kyung overcoming his prejudices and misunderstandings about Ji An. He definitely won Ji An’s heart by returning the crafted doll resembling Ji Soo. However, their Namdaemun market experience together made Ji An finally call Do Kyung “Oppa”. Although I had my doubts about the Choi Do Kyung character, it melted me too he left his icy attitude towards Ji An!

Episode 10

Credit: KBS World TV@youtube.com, thank you!

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“My Golden Life” Episodes 7 & 8 English subs

Due to the long Chuseok Holidays KBS World has started today updating their YouTube channel with the videos of “My Golden Life” with English subs.

In the episodes 7 & 8 the lifes of the families Seo and Choi are changing with the move of Seo Ji An continuing her life as Choi Eun Suk. Ji An’s entrance started with a shock. Her biggest enemy turned out to be
Eun Suk’s brother Do Kyung! Emotions are running high. So be prepared!

Episode 7

Episode 8

Credit: KBS World TV@youtube.com, thank you!

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Preview Episode 12 “My Golden Life” 2017.10.08

Episode 11 was full of twists and turns. It ended with that
Do Kyung saw a scar on one of Ji An’s toes and asked for it. It brought back memories of an old conversation with mother Seo.
Ji An got that scar in 1991 and Eun Suk disappeared in 1993. Is
Ji An or is she not Choi Eun Suk?

Park Si Hoo & Shin Hye Sun in "My Golden Life"

Oppa and dongsaeng relaxing with a can of beer

The preview of episode 12 shows amongst others how Ji An is searching for the truth about her “secret” birth. What if she founds out what mother Seo has done to Ji Soo and her? How will it affect the good relationship with oppa Do Kyung? Finally, they are in balance and at ease with each other. This trace of memory will have its influence on their relationship in the end.

Preview episode 12.

Credit: MyLoveKBS@youtube.com, thank you!

Episode 12 will start at 19:55h Korean time on KBS 2!

Credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

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Preview Episode 11 “My Golden Life” 2017.10.07

KBS Drama shared the preview video for episode 11 which will start in a few hours from now. A lot is going to happen again. New beginnings for Seo Ji An, Choi Do Kyung and father Seo. Enjoy watching!

당당히 해성 마케팅팀에 정직원으로 출근하게 된 지안#황금빛내인생 11회 예고. 오늘밤도 기대됩니다~~~※

Geplaatst door KBS 드라마 op vrijdag 6 oktober 2017


“My Golden Life” will start at 19:55h Korean time on KBS 2.

  • http://www.kbs.co.kr
  • Click OnAir-VOD
  • Choose KBS 2 from the pop-up
  • Player will appear in separate screen

See you there!

Credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

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Park Si Hoo Surfing in Japan

Mid May 2017 Park Si Hoo visited a surfing school in Japan for a surf session. RageOn shared a post with gorgeous photos on their Facebook.
BS TBS has scheduled a broadcast special on October 25! Enjoy the photos!

Credit: Facebook@RageOn, thank you!

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OST “My Golden Life” Part 1 & 2

Each Korean drama comes with an OST. Part 1 & 2 have been released for the OST of “My Golden Life”!

The first one (Part 1) is called “Beautiful Girl” by Sosim Boys.

Credit: GENIE MUSIC@youtube.com, thank you!

The second one (Part 2) is called “I think I’m in love” by ROO.

Credit: 음악채널큐알@youtube.com, thank you!

I like both of the songs. I didn’t realize the first song was in a clip I used to edit a few clips into one video of episode 4. As soon as I uploaded this video on YouTube I received a warning the video was blocked because of a copyright complaint. So I deleted that video right away. Just be warned to be careful with uploading videos on YouTube regarding “My Golden Life”, because KBS media seems to keep a sharp eye on it.

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