A Magical Birthday Event 2018.04.01

This year I have been able to attend Park Si Hoo’s Birthday Event for the first time and it was a magical experience!

Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2018Check-in for the Birthday Tour was on Saturday March 31, but I arrived at Seoul on March 28 for a two-weeks holiday. My lovely landlady took care of most of my luggage in my room, while I stayed at Imperial Palace Hotel for the Birthday Event.

It was great to meet with all the sisters I only knew from online interactions. Many of them came to greet me. I was really overwhelmed by so much attention. After all, I am just another Park Si Hoo fan who happens to live in The Netherlands!

I enjoyed very much to meet with all of you. It has made my first attendance of the Park Si Hoo Birthday Celebration even more precious. So one more time, thank you all for introducing yourself to me!

Wilma at Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2018

The Celebration was held on 7th floor and the rice wreaths were exhibited in the foyer. Early Sunday it was best to take photos, but as official photos were taken too I don’t have many. Later on it was just too crowded.

International Fans from ParkSihoossi.com
Rice Wreath ParkSihoossi.com
Rice wWeath SihoorangDC Park Sihoo Gallery
Rice Wreath DC GalleryTaiwan Fans
Rice Wreath Taiwan Fans
The group of International fans from Singapore, Malaysia and
The Netherlands shared a table together. We had table 8 which was on second row from stage left from center. We had a good view on stage. As it wasn’t allowed to take pictures during the event, this screen photo from before the MC appeared on stage, is the only one I took and share!

Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2018

Although it was my first time, I was not as nervous as I expected I would be. Only when my roommate and I took the elevator down stairs, I felt my heartbeat in my throat for a short while. I managed to relax soon. I just didn’t want to miss anything because of being nervous! Yes, I felt excited and I think this must have been visible for everyone.

Park Si Hoo appeared out of nowhere in a box next to stage. Then he walked from table to table to present a towel flower to each of us. We could watch his way on screen too. When he finally reached our table, I felt a little trembling inside, but I don’t know if it showed. I managed to say “Gamsahamnida” when he handed me the flower. I could only smile. For a moment I was caught in the Park Si Hoo aura. He was so gorgeous and his eyes so beautiful! Yes, I caught his eyes!

Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2018

The celebration passed by so quickly. I don’t remember all the details clearly. We sang the birthday song for Park Si Hoo which the MC had rehearsed with us. I could sing along, because this was the only song I had repeated so many times at Korean school that it wasn’t difficult to recall! Of course, we ended with the heart signs to express our love for Park Si Hoo!

Park Si Hoo answered questions. He performed small plays with some sisters on stage. Right or wrong questions. If we had the same answer as
Park Si Hoo we passed to next question. I just gambled, but finally I lost and had to sit down. Park Si Hoo read some messages hanging in the tree. At first Park Si Hoo had to guess blindfolded what he was touching and then he had to do it together with two fans. It was fun to watch the play of hands. Oh, and not to forget, three sisters were so lucky to taste the seaweed soup Park Si Hoo had boiled on stage!

Then there was a small break in which behind the scenes of “My Golden Life” were shown. As I went to the restroom I missed most of this.

Then a big surprise! Park Si Hoo showed us he is also a real magician! He did even the locked in cage trick together with a female assistant. Wow, he must have practiced very hard to show us all his tricks. He smiled happily while doing his magical performance!

The magician disappeared from stage and the singer Park Si Hoo returned with “Season in the Sun”. I always love it when Park Si Hoo is singing. Such a warm and deep voice!

And then…..photo shoot time! It took a long time before our table could queue up for the photo with Park Si Hoo on stage. I felt excited, but not nervous. I was fully present in the moment, although it passed by so quickly that I can’t believe it really happened. I shook hands with
Park Si Hoo, sat down for the photo, still holding hands, stand up, said thanks and goodbye and left stage. The photo of the two of us is my proof I have not been dreaming! However, this photo I will keep private. It is my very own precious keepsake!

And so the birthday celebration was finished. Park Si Hoo left and we had our dinner.

I am really happy that I took the plunge to attend this birthday celebration. It was a magical experience. Passed by so quickly. but I have been eyeing Park Si Hoo from very close, sat next to him and experienced the special atmosphere surrounding a fan meeting with him. Park Si Hoo is a very special man. So warm, so close with his fans. It is something you feel when you are present and can’t experience from watching a DVD or imagine from hear say. It is something I want to experience again! So if I am able to, I will attend again as soon as I can!

Photos taken by Wilma, thank you!

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Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2018

Banner Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2018

The weekend of March 31 – April 2, 2018 Park Si Hoo will hold his traditional Birthday Party for 5th year in row! The Party itself will be on Sunday April 1. Theme of this year has been decided on “Prince of the Enchanted Forest”.

The story behind the theme is that our Prince Park Si Hoo is captured in the forest through the spell of a wicked witch. He has tried to escape, but because of the spell he can’t leave the forest. Our Prince needs us to break the spell which holds him captured!

Park Si Hoo announcing the upcoming Birthday Event!

Credit: psh birthday2018@youtube.com, thank you!

Event Details:

  • Date: March 31 – April 2, 2018 (Saturday – Monday)
  • Event Date: April 1, 2018 (Sunday)
  • Event venue: Imperial Palace Hotel, 640 Eunju-ro, Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06098

Imperial Palace Hotel
Imperial Palace, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Event highlights:

  • Prince Si Hoo of the Enchanted Forest will lead you into a world of fantasy and magic!
  • He will personally welcome his friends and present each of them with a surprise gift
  • Shake hands and take a one-on-one photo with Prince Si Hoo in a magical spot in the enchanted forest!
  • Hear the soothing voice of the Prince of the forest which will surely melt your hearts and heal whatever pain you have
  • Join in the adventure that would be filled with fun and games
  • Watch never before seen video footages of the KBS national drama “My Golden Life” and celebrate its 40% breakthrough!
  • Prince Si Hoo will cook seaweed soup on site
  • Interact with Prince Park Si Hoo as he shares his future plans

It has become silent after the end of “My Golden Life” and the Guam rewarding holiday. So I’m looking forward to what our Prince Park Si Hoo will tell about his future plans!

Credit: Mentorevent (Japanese only) & Parksihoossi.com, thank you!

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Episodes 51 & 52 “My Golden Life” English Subs

Scenes Episode 51 "My Golden Life"

The break-up between Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An is final now. Seo Ji An can’t forgive herself nor Choi Do Kyung and wants to forget completely about each other and return to being strangers. Choi Do Kyung sends his grandfather to Hawai and takes care of Haesung Group together with his uncle Jung Myung Soo. Seo Tae Soo is happy with his family around him who are making his last wish to have a guitar concert come true.

Video episode #51

One year after the funeral of Seo Tae Soo, Seo Ji An returns to Korea for a few days from her studies in Finland for her father’s memorial. One of these days she runs into Choi Do Kyung, when she is replacing her best girlfriend at a blind date. Although Seo Ji An keeps trying to avoid
Choi Do Kyung, he tells her about his last conversation with her father when he was still alive. Seo Ji An opens up a bit and agrees to be in a long-distance relationship with Choi Do Kyung with a smile, when he meets her on a business trip in Finland.

Video episode #52 (final)

Credit: KBS World TV@youtube.com, thank you!

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Episodes 49 & 50 “My Golden Life” English Subs

Scenes episode 49 "My Golden Life"

Thanks to the help of Seo Tae Soo, Choi Do Kyung is appointed as the new Chairman of Haesung Group. Seo Tae Soo gives Seo Ji An a plane ticket to Finland. He wants her to leave within one week to prepare for her studies and start with a new life.

Video episode #49

The family finds out Seo Tae Soo is having stage 4 stomach cancer. They are looking for the availability of a possible treatment. To get
Choi Do Kyung back on his side, grandfather Noh Yang Ho apoligizes to
Seo Ji An for the humiliation and bad treatment he had done to
Seo Tae Soo. Seo Ji An can’t bear with this. When Choi Do Kyung learns that Seo Ji An is leaving for Finland, he tries to stop her from going.

Video episode #50

Credit: KBS World TV@youtube.com, thank you!

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Episodes 47 & 48 “My Golden Life” English Subs

Scenes episode 47 "My Golden Life"

In episode 47 Seo Tae Soo, Choi Jae Sung and Choi Do Kyung are working together to find the source of published articles about the daughter of the Haesung family being switched. Seo Ji An and Seo Ji Soo are hiding, because their identity is in danger of being exposed.
Seo Tae Soo comes up with a clever plan to solve the problem.

Video episode #47

In episode 48 Seo Tae Soo learns he is at the end of stage 4 stomach cancer. When Seo Ji An finds out that Noh Myung Hee and Choi Jae Sung are dismissed from the Haesung Group board, she calls Choi Do Kyung to offer her help. Seo Tae Soo notices something strange in the list with minority shareholders.

Video episode #48

Credit: KBS World TV@youtube.com, thank you!

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Preview Episode 51 “My Golden Life” 2018.03.10

Preview Episode 51 "My Golden Life"

In Korea it’s last weekend for “My Golden Life”. Last shot of the preview for episode 51 is raising many questions. Is Choi Do Kyung kneeling down to beg for forgiveness of his grandfather’s evil behaviour? Or is he pleading his love for Seo Ji An and begging her father for his approval to date and eventually marry her? Seo Ji An will listen to her father’s final words. So what will it be?

Since a few weeks already I can’t watch through the player of KBS2 anymore, but try yourself first on Saturday March 10, 2018 at 19:55h Korean time!

Credit: KBS Drama & sihoossi park@youtube.com, thank you!

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Preview Episode 49 “My Golden Life” 2018.03.03

Scenes episode 49 "My Golden Life"

At the end of episode 48 of “My Golden Life” Choi Do Kyung did a self-recommendation for the vacancy of CEO. The beginning of episode 49 shows he has been appointed as the new CEO thanks to the help of
Seo Tae Soo. What will this mean for Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An? Although they had broken up after the one week dating, it is clear both hold back their feelings for each other. Father Seo insists his daughter is leaving for Finland within a week to take on the 6 months designer study. Finally, Seo Tae Soo can’t hide his illness for his family anymore……

Credit: MyLoveKBS@youtube.com, thank you!

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Episodes 45 & 46 “My Golden Life” English Subs

Park Si Hoo as Choi Do Kyung (My Golden Life)

Choi Do Kyung sees through the real motives of his mother to allow him to marry Seo Ji An, after having given it some thoughts. He tells her there won’t be a marriage and he won’t return to the Haesung Group family. The day of Choi Do Kyung’s company foundation is also the last day of his dates with Seo Ji An.

Video Episode #45

When Chairman Noh Yang Ho receives Choi Do Kyung’s message in which he refuses to be the President of Haesung Apparel, he collapses and is taken to hospital. This forces Choi Do Kyung to return to Haesung Group and take his seat as the new president of Haesung Apparel, because he feels guilty about what has happened to his grandfather.

Video episode #46

Credit: KBS World TV@youtube.com, thank you!

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Episodes 43 & 44 “My Golden Life” English Subs

Scene "My Golden Life"

Grandpa Noh Yang Ho continues to frustrate Choi Do Kyung’s attempts to start his own business. Seo Ji An is looking for new opportunities to help Choi Do Kyung.

Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An decide to date for one week only and make memories together. Then Choi Do Kyung’s parents tell them unexpectedly they should get married .

Credit: KBS World TV@youtube.com, thank you!

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Preview Episode 48 “My Golden Life” 2018.02.25

The way Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An are behaving makes it hard to believe that they have been in a love relationship for one week. As they agreed upon each of them are responsible for living their own life. However, it looks like Seo Ji An will help Choi Do Kyung, his parents and grandfather to fight the aunt and uncle who are after having full control of Haesung Group!

Credit: KBS Drama & sihoossi park@youtube.com, thank you!

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