My Golden Life: No Marriage Without Love

Do Kyung: No Marriage Without Love

Choi Do Kyung broke the news to his parents and they scolded him. His argument that he couldn’t marry Jang So Ra, because he didn’t love her was considered inappropriate.

Choi Do Kyung & Jang So Ra Episode 29 "My Golden Life"

Jang So Ra can’t agree with the cancellation of the engagement and marriage. She is not courageous enough to tell her family.

Scene episode 29 "My Golden Life"

Do Kyung is determined to win Seo Ji An’s heart. Although Ji An ignores him and finally, scolds him again for being insistent on meeting with her, while she doesn’t want to, Do Kyung feels relieved because: “You’re 80% back to the old Ji An!”

Scene episode 29 "My Golden Life"

Hyuk takes Do Kyung apart and wants to know why he is still after Ji An when he can’t take responsibility. He should not shake Ji An’s heart.
Do Kyung says he can take responsibility and understands Hyuk’s concerns.

Scene episode 29 "My Golden Life"

Ji Soo is going through a lot too. She feels deserted by father Seo who came to apologize and say goodbye to her. Moreover, Ji An told her earlier as well they had nothing to do with each other anymore. Ji Soo decides to do the training so that she can be presented as Choi Eun Suk at the
40th anniversary event. It was a shock already to hear that she should behave and look like Ji An. She thought she could do it, because it was “only for a minute”. Shortly before the announcement Ji Soo sees in a window how much she looks like Ji An and after hearing this has to be because of the in-laws and the arranged marriages, she gets scared and rans away instead of entering the stage for her one minute speech…….

Preview episode 30

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Tomorrow’s episode 30 will be interesting. Do Kyung tells So Ra’s mother he won’t marry her. His punishment will be relegation to the Europe branch. What will happen with Ji Soo after she ran away and embarrassed grandfather? I am really curious with what purpose So Ra is ordering an engagement present with Ji An. Is she trying to get Ji An out of the way so that Do Kyung will change his mind and go through with the arranged marriage despite what he has said? Or is she trying to find out about
Ji An’s real feelings for 
Do Kyung? Will we know tomorrow or do we have to wait until next weekend?

Credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

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Preview Episode 29 “My Golden Life” 2017.12.09

Preview Episode 29 "My Golden Life"

A lot is going to happen in episode 29 of “My Golden Life”! Choi Do Kyung stands his word that Seo Ji An is the only woman for him and tells
Jang So Ra about this. He is meeting with Ji An too and she seems to get back to her old self. Hyuk is still protecting Ji An and asks Do Kyung what he is up to with Ji An, if he can’t take responsibility? In return Do Kyung asks Hyuk what he will do if he can take responsibility for Ji An?

Ji Soo’s life is going to change as well. Hyuk could barely safe her from being hit by a car. Chairman Noh is going to present Ji Soo as his lost grand daughter Choi Eun Suk at the 40th anniversary of Haesung Group. From now on Ji Soo is Eun Suk and her life will never be the same again!

Preview episode 29

Credit: KBS Drama & sihoossi, thank you!

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“My Golden Life” Episodes 25 & 26 English Subs

Scene Episode 25 "My Golden Life"

At the beginning of episode 25 Choi Do Kyung forces Hyuk to stop his car. Seo Ji An responds coldly at Choi Do Kyung’s commanding words to get out of the car. Finally, Seo Ji An continues her trip with Hyuk and moves into his sister’s shared house. Choi Do Kyung finds out where
Seo Ji An works and comes to see her to tell her he has applied for a position at another company on her behalf, but she doesn’t care. At the police station Choi Do Kyung informs Seo Ji An’s father she is safe and mentions the neighborhood where he has seen her. Seo Tae Su starts to look for his daughter again.

Video episode 25


When Seo Ji An runs into her father unexpectedly, she pushes him away. She wants to live alone and has no intention to return home. Seo Tae Su returns home alone and acts strangely. Grandfather Noh returns to Seoul and is very angry to have found out that Seo Ji An is not his granddaughter. Choi Do Kyung is worried about Seo Ji An’s changed behaviour and keeps finding excuses to meet with her. During one of these visits Seo Ji An finds out that Choi Do Kyung has informed her father about her and gets enraged.

Video episode 26

Credit: KBS World, thank you!

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My Golden Life: From Proposal to Cancellation!

In episodes 27 of 28 of last weekend Jang So Ra played an important role in Choi Do Kyung’s realization that Seo Ji An is the woman he loves! Although he couldn’t get her out of his head, he had no clue that love was involved!

Jang So Ra in episode 27 "My Golden Life"

At the end of their first date, which both of them very much enjoyed,
Choi Do Kyung proposed to Jang So Ra and suggested they should skip the engagement.

Scene episode 27 "My Golden Life"

Jang So Ra insisted on the engagement though, because going straight into marriage would cause gossip about the reason why they didn’t engage first!

Scene episode 28 "My Golden Life"

Next day, while having lunch with his good friend Kim Gi Jae, Jang So Ra called Choi Do Kyung to join her at the skating rink. Of course, he headed to her immediately!


On their way back in the car Jang So Ra embarrassed Choi Do Kyung asking him if he had a woman he loves very much and what he was going to do about her? Jang So Ra didn’t intend to live in the shadow of this woman. From the look in his eyes and because he barely touched her at the skating rink, she was sure he was already having a woman in his heart! Choi Do Kyung didn’t look at ease, but he denied.

Scene episode 28 "My Golden Life"

Scene episode 28 "My Golden Life"

Neverthelesss, Choi Do Kyung went back to his friend Kim Gi Jae to ask him about what he had said about how he looked at Seo Ji An during the anniversary event. After hearing this again Choi Do Kyung got agitated and asked “How did Jang So Ra find out”? Then Kim Gi Jae made him aware about the question Choi Do Kyung had asked himself. For the first time Choi Do Kyung expressed Seo Ji An meant a lot more to him than he had acknowledged before!

Scene episode 28 "My Golden Life"Scene episode 28 "My Golden Life"
Choi Do Kyung had to experience an almost fatal car crash first to make him fully aware of the depth of his love for Seo Ji An:

“She was the first who said I had a tough life. She was the first who pitified me. She was the first who changed me. She is the woman I came to love…….. Ji An!”

Choi Do Kyung’s next step was to break the shocking news to his parents that he was not going to be engaged nor to get married with Jang So Ra. He can’t not marry with a woman, he doesn’t love!

Episode 29 onwards will show us how his parents are going to take this very unwelcoming news! The Choi family is already coping with a crisis which Choi Do Kyung probably is not aware of yet!

Scenes episode 28 "My Golden Life"

Credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

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My Golden Life: When The Heart Is In Play

Scene episode 27 "My Golden Life"

Seemingly Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An have split up and are going their own way. If the mind makes a decision, you can still be not at ease, when the heart is in play. Scenes throughout episode 27 are showing us this is what both Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An are dealing with.

No matter how Choi Do Kyung tries to cut ties with Seo Ji An, he feels her presence everywhere. Even while having his first date with Jang So Ra. Choi Do Kyung was upset when he saw Seo Ji An entering the house in the company of Sun Woo Hyuk where he had returned the box with the figurines. At the end of his date with Jang So Ra though, after her question when to get engaged, he rashly suggests to marry straight away without being engaged first! Can you imagine Choi Do Kyung is doing such a thing? Before he admitted to Seo Ji An he had been a coward and this last action of his indicates he still is! Bad move Choi Do Kyung!

The preview for episode 28 shows that thanks to Jang So Ra who wants to know if Choi Do Kyung has a woman he loves very much and what he intends to do with her, he finally realizes his true feelings for Seo Ji An! The preview doesn’t show how this will influence his supposed marriage with Jang So Ra, but it does show he is on the edge of having a car accident because of his distracted thoughts!

Preview episode 28

Credit: KBS Drama & sihoossi, thank you!

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My Golden Life: Will Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An Go Separate Ways?

Preview Scene Episode 27

Although a majority seems to have concluded Choi Do Kyung will finally give up on Seo Ji An, after they saw the preview for episode 27, I am not really convinced. Even though he sent her back the dolls and met with
Jang So Ra, his wife-to-be of the arranged marriage, there is just too much pain in his eyes at the last scene of the preview.

Preview Scene Episode 27 "My Golden Life"

Also there was a change in the look of his eyes, when he heard the sound of Seo Ji An’s voice after he had already turned his back to her. Hopeful surprise? Maybe Choi Do Kyung is hoping Seo Ji An will say something to prevent they will part ways for good? What Seo Ji An is going to say we’ll have to wait until tomorrow, Saturday December 2, 19:55h Korean Time at KBS 2TV!

In the mean time, enjoy the preview for episode 27!

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“My Golden Life” Episodes 23 & 24 English Subs

Scenes episodes 23&24 "My Golden Life"

In episode 23 Hyuk found Ji An, but she refused to return with him to Seoul and sent him away. After hearing Ji An’s story of attempting to commit suicide from the fisherman who had found her, he decided to stay by her side. Meanwhile, Do Kyung continued to search for Ji An’s whereabouts as well as father Seo. Hyuk’s message to Do Kyung that Ji An was safe, but didn’t want him to know more, didn’t ease his mind at all.

Episode 23

In episode 24 Hyuk prevented Ji An from running away again in the middle of the night. Finally, she told him the reason why she wanted to kill herself and that Do Kyung and she were once brother and sister. In the end Hyuk managed to persuade Ji An to give up on pretending to be dead to live and took her back to Seoul. Do Kyung who continued to look for
Ji An saw her in Hyuk’s car when they were about to leave Incheon. He forced Hyuk to stop his car…..

Episode 24

Credit: KBS World, thank you!

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Another High Audience Rating “My Golden Life” 2017.11.26

Episode 26 ended with a fierce confrontation between
Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An. Choi Do Kyung was speechless and shocked at Seo Ji An’s outburst of anger! Poor Choi Do Kyung.
Seo Ji An shouted at him she never wanted to see him appear in front of her eyes again! Will he finally give up on her after this unexpected volcano eruption of hers?

End scene eipisode 26 "My Golden Life"

This episode of November 26, 2017 set a new high nationwide audience rating of 39%! That’s 1.1% higher than the 22nd highest audience rating of 37.9%! As a result “My Golden Life” is only 1% apart of the audience rating of 40% which is considered “the audience rating of dreams”!

K Star News uploaded a video report on their YouTube channel on November 27, 2017.

Credit: K, thank you!

The 40% audience rating is within reach. The 50% one the next goal and not impossible as the drama is only halfway now.

The table beneath shows the development in audience rating from
episode 1 up to including episode 26.

DateEpisodeNielsen - NationalNielsen - SeoulTNmS - NationalTNmS - Seoul
2017-09-02119.7% (1st)19.5% (3rd)20.7% (1st)17.5% (4th)
2017-09-03223.7% (1st)23.5% (1st)22.5% (1st)20.0% (1st)
2017-09-09322.4% (1st)22.2% (2nd)23.2% (1st)19.4% (2nd)
2017-09-10428.4% (1st)28.2% (1st)29.6% (1st)26.0% (1st)
2017-09-16525.3% (1st)24.5% (1st)25.2% (1st)20,9% (1st)
2017-09-17629.7% (1st)29.7% (1st)28.8% (1st)24.5% (1st)
2017-09-23726.2% (1st)25.6% (1st)25.8% (1st)22.0% (2nd)
2017-09-24830.9% (1st)30.5% (1st)31.2% (1st)28.4% (1st)
2017-09-30925.4%(1st)24.3% (1st)24.4% (1st)21.0% (3rd)
2017-10-011029.6% (1st)29.8% (1st)28.1% (1st)23.9% (1st)
2017-10-071127.2% (1st)26.7% (1st)24.8% (1st)20.3% (3rd)
2017-10-081230.9% (1st)30.1% (1st)30.3% (1st)27.4% (1st)
2017-10-141327.4% (1st)26.5% (1st)27.9% (1st)23.3% (3rd)
2017-10-151432.4% (1st)31.7% (1st)31.2% (1st)27.5% (1st)
2017-10-211529.7% (1st)29.5% (1st)30.2% (1st)27.8% (1st)
2017-10-221635.0% (1st)34.8% (1st)34.2% (1st)31.4% (1st)
2017-10-281730.2% (1st)30.2% (1st)30.3% (1st)26.8% (1st)
2017-10-291834.5% (1st)34.2% (1st)34.2% (1st)30.3% (1st)
2017-11-041931.2% (1st)30.8% (1st)31.1% (1st)27.1% (1st)
2017-11-052036.0% (1st)36.0% (1st)35.5% (1st)31.3% (1st)
2017-11-112132.3% (1st)32.1% (1st)32.2% (1st)30.1% (1st)
2017-11-122237.9% (1st)36.6% (1st)37.1% (1st)34.0% (1st)
2017-11-182335.0% (1st)34.6% (1st)31.4% (1st)27.9% (1st)
2017-11-192437.7% (1st)37.5% (1st)36.3% (1st)33.6% (1st)
2017-11-252534.7% (1st)34.3% (1st)30.7% (1st)27.0% (1st)
2017-11-262639.0% (1st)38.6% (1st)35.9% (1st)32.1% (1st)
2017-12-022735.7% (1st)35.4% (1st)32.7% (1st)29.9% (1st)
2017-12-032838.8% (1st)38.9% (1st)38.7% (1st)35.7% (1st)

Credit: KBS Drama, Nielsen Korea & TNmS, thank you!

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Flight Schedule Park Si Hoo 2017.11.27

Park Si Hoo had his event in Jeju with the Chinese fans on Sunday November 26 and is returning to Seoul on Monday November 27.

Park Si Hoo

Flight: KE1220 (Korean Air)
Departure from: Jeju Airport
Time: 14:35h KST
Arrival at: Gimpo Airport
Time: 15:45h KST

Have a safe flight Park Si Hoo!

Credit: Sihoorang, thank you!

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My Golden Life: Do Kyung’s Facial Expressions

In episode 25 Do Kyung did a lot of talking. Trying to break through Ji An’s defense. Talking with his secretary. Talking with his friend. Trying to console father Seo without telling where Ji An is staying exactly. Therefore, we could enjoy a lot of Do Kyung’s facial expressions!

Credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

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