Wave of Media Attention for Park Si Hoo!

Lately, Korean Media is paying a lot more attention – in a positive way – to Park Si Hoo. Remember his publishing of ENISHI for 5th season in Japan, his postings on social media and more recently his birthday event and the rice donations!

Park Si Hoo (Dramatic Promotion)

The latest news report is of April 26 about Park Si Hoo’s upcoming Drama Festival (Dramatic Promotion) in Japan on June, 9 (Fukuoka),
11 (Osaka) and 15 (Tokyo).

This Dramatic Promotion is a gesture of gratitude from Park Si Hoo for his Japanese fans for their unwavering support. Also, it is meeting with the fans’ high requests to meet with their hero in “Unnamed Hero” (Neighborhood Hero).

Apart from “Unnamed Hero“, the dramas “The Princess’ Man“, “Cheongdam-dong Alice“, “How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor” and “Prosecutor Princess” are flooding throughout Japan with the
re-broadcastings through various broadcasting channels. The dramatic wave Hallyu Hero Park Si Hoo is causing all over Japan is quite unusual and proves once again his popularity.

According to a spokesman of “Hoo Factory” Park Si Hoo is preparing for a meeting with fans with gratitude. It will be a special stage where
Park Si Hoo can communicate with his fans. Already existing and new fans will have a chance to meet with another attraction and impression of the actor Park Si Hoo outside the drama.

You can also show your support by visiting


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Doing this will add to Park Si Hoo’s:

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Thank you for your support for our beloved actor Park Si Hoo!

Credit: Naver@HeraldPOP, thank you!

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Cover ENISHI 5.2

Cover ENISHI 5.2

We have already watched the video in which Park Si Hoo promoted the coming of ENISHI volume 2. Now the cover has been spread as well. On April 30 the 2nd volume of ENISHI will be released. Only one more week to go!

Banner ENISHI April 2017

You can still subscribe for all volumes of 2017. All you have to do is clicking for this page http://www.hanryutop.com/enishi2017/ It is really worth to have a copy of your own! 

Credit: Hanryutop, thank you!

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Drama Festival with Park Si Hoo 2017.06.09-11-15

Park Si Hoo Drama Festival

Edited by Wilma (Peris)

After postponing the Valentine Event of February 4 to June 15, the organizer has cancelend the event entirely due to various circumstances. The good news is the Park Si Hoo Japan Official Fanclub (JOFC) is the new organizer and has added two more dates as well! We can look forward to a Drama Festival with Park Si Hoo’s most popular characters in Japan at this moment! This is a real treat, right?

Schedule Festival:

Fukuoka (1 performance)

  • Date: 2017.06.09 IFriday)
  • Venue: Fukuoka Acros Symphony Hall (No. 1, Tenjin 1 – chome Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi 810-0001)
  • Door open: 17:30h; Start program: 18:30h
    Theme: Encounter with Seung Yoo’s Destiny

Osaka (2 performances)

  • Date: 2017.06.11 (Sunday)
  • Venue: Osaka – Kishiwada Namikiri Hall (Minato-cho, Koshiwada City, Osaka Prefecture 596-0014)
  • Day program:
    Door open: 13:00h; Start program: 14:00h
    Theme: Bar talk with your neighborhood hero Si Yoon
  • Night program:
    Door open: 17:00h; Start program: 18:00h
    Theme: Honorable Osaka hero 

Tokyo (2 performances)

  • Date: 2017.06.15 (Thursday)
  • Venue: Tokyo – Tokyo Dome City Hall
  • Day program:
    Door open: 14:00h; Start program: 15:00h
    Theme: Love comedy! Prosecutor In Woo vs CEO Seung Jo
  • Night program:
    Door open: 18:00h; Start program: 19:00h
    Theme: Ghost action! Dark Seung Yoo vs “Shadow” Hero Si Yoon

Extra: High Touch after each performance! The cherry to the cake!

Ticket price: 11,000 JPY (tax included) per performance per person
Priority booking for JOFC members will start on April 26 (Wednesday) at 15:00h to May 10 (Wednesday) 23:59h (Japan time).
The seating is by lottery and successful applicants will be notified by May 11, 2017 (Thursday).

More details will appear on the official website which will be released later.

Have a great time enjoying Park Si Hoo’s great performances of our heroes in person and the high touch treat after each performance!
Ah, will you be able to wash your hand afterwards? Remember the feeling for the rest of your life!

Credit: parksihoossi.com, thank you!

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“Good Night” from Park Si Hoo 2017.04.20

Obviously, Park Si Hoo took this selfie during daytime.

Park Si Hoo "Good Night"

He posted it when he was in his nighttime though. Wishing all his princesses a “Good night”  It’s his first post since his birthday celebration!^^

Park Si Hoo Instagram
Credit: Instagram@park_si_hoo_01, thank you!

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Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2017 #6

Rice Donations Park Si Hoo Domestic and Foreign Fan Clubs 2017.04.14

Park Yong Hoon

On April 14, 2017 a news report was released that on behalf of
Park Si Hoo his father, Park Yong Hoon, attented the donation ceremony and delivered 2,42 tons of rice (242 bags of 10kg). The rice was donated with love by Park Si Hoo’s domestic and foreign fan clubs at his Birthday Event on 
April 2, 2017.

Since 2010 Park Si Hoo, who is from Eunsan, Buyeo-gun, has been making donations to Buyeo-gun and his alma mater.

The Buyeo council plans to distribute the warm-hearted donated rice to elderly living alone, low-income households and less fortunate neighbors.

Credit: bzeronews, thank you!

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Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2017 #5

DVD-Box Birthday Tour 2017

Release DVD-Box Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2017

Today wonderful news has been announced! On May 31, 2017 a DVD-Box of the Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2017 will be released! Pre-orders can be placed already and will last as long as stock is available. Everyone can place an order. Not just the attendees of the event!

Credit: hanryutop@youtube.com, thank you!

Contents DVD-Box:

  • Disc 1: Main part Event (about 90 minutes)
  • Disc 2: Making of (about 30 minutes)
  • Special photo book (approx. 64 pages)
  • Special original gift theme related

Price: 9,500 Yen (including taxes and shipping in Japan)

Link to order:


DVD-Box Birthday Tour 2017

If you didn’t have had the chance to attend the Birthday Event in person, but are able to order, grab your copy and support Park Si Hoo at the same time! It sure will be a precious treasure for the keep!

Credit: Mentorshop, thank you!

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Happy Easter! 2017.04.16-17

Happy Easter 2017

Edited by Wilma (Peris)

Depending on one’s religion, Easter can be celebrated in different ways. In The Netherlands we have many different religious movements. The Catholics will celebrate Easter differently from the Protestants. The Protestants don’t know White Thursday during Easter Week for example.

Easter is a commonly celebrated feast by everyone though. Our shops are filled with Easter candies weeks before Easter. Families gather together for enjoying Easter brunch at home or at a restaurant. On Easter Monday the shops of residential boulevards are open for the public. Sports clubs organize a special Easter day with hidden eggs and an Easter tournament for their members.

No matter how Easter is celebrated, it is a time of joy and happiness!

Happy Easter Everyone! 

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[VDO] Promotion ENISHI 5.2 Release 2017.04.30

Today Hanryutop has uploaded a video in which Park Si Hoo makes an announcement about the release of ENISHI 5.2 coming April 30. This volume will bring a Spring mood and more surprises!

Credit: hanryutop@youtube.com, thank you!

The design of this video is built on the Birthday Flower Prince in Flower Country theme and I love it! The book with previous ENISHI covers adds to the fairy tale mood. Ah, did you enjoy our Flower Prince with his special birthday cake as much as I did? Best video promotion I have seen thus far!^^

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Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2017 #4

The news reports keep coming. Today a report on Naver regarding the birthday celebration on April 2!

Park Si Hoo Birthday 2017

Credit: Park Si Hoo Instagram, thank you!

The picture which Park Si Hoo had released after the birthday party at his Instagram with the message: “Thank you for birthday congratulations! I love you!” attracted attention.

Enjoying the birthday party in his hometown in Buyeo with 300 guests of which many from Japan, his pink costume and consistent smile were mentioned in the report.

The positive comments of fans after the birthday party were highlighted as well. “Sihoo, I will always remember the time spent together on my first birthday event”, “I was happy I could wear the beautiful hanbok”, “The green jacket looks good on you. I love you” were some of them.

It feels so good the Korean media report about Park Si Hoo in such a positive tone again!

Credit: Naver entertainment, thank you!

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Dramas Park Si Hoo Re-broadcasted in Japan

From April to June 2017 several dramas of Park Si Hoo will be re-broadcasted in Japan!

Dramas Park Si Hoo

“The Princess’ Man” can be watched on two channels. One starting
April 10 at 8:00h in the morning and one starting April 29 at 2:00h nighttime!

“Cheongdam-dong Alice” on LALA TV starting April 27 at 21:30h in the evening.

“How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor” starting May 22 at 17:30h in the late afternoon.

“Neighborhood Hero” starting June 30 at 0:00h midnight.

“Prosecutor Princess” also starting June 30 at 0:00h midnight.

Congratulations to Park Si Hoo! This proves your undiminished popularity in Japan!

Credit: Twitter@Shinsarang, thank you!

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