New Challenge for Park Si Hoo

It was rumored for some time already, but now it has officially been confirmed.

Poster SGC Super Live in Japan 2017

Park Si Hoo will be one of the MCs on the “SGC Super Live in Japan 2017”. The co-MC will be Park Gyuri (former KARA member).

Park Si Hoo+Park Gyuri

This Korean Wave entertainment show will be held in Yokohama Arena on June 27 and 28, 2017. Park Si Hoo and Gyuri will host this event on
June 28. Performing artists will be BAP/TEENTOP/Apink and BLANC7. The concert is fused with a fashion show featuring “Real Clothes” for young ladies from teenagers to their thirties. The latest designs of Korean style fashion brand and street fashion brand will be highlighted at the same time.

Park Si Hoo has never been a MC before. So this is a new challenge for him to accomplish. I’m confident he will do a fine job as with everything he does! Who has more knowledge than he, when it comes to the fashion and entertainment world?

Go for it Park Si Hoo!

Credit: SGC, thank you!

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Weekend Treat Park Si Hoo

Last weekend Park Si Hoo treated his Chinese fans with a bunch of photos from his activities in Japan through his Weibo. Time will show, but I think Park Si Hoo was doing photo shoots for his upcoming ENISHI 3. So
Park Si Hoo combined his work with pleasure. We know once again, he loves doing sports most of all! Anyway, this weekend treat gave us an enormous boost for this week!

Credit: Weibo Park Si Hoo, thank you!

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Summer Feeling

It is always a great feeling, when Park Si Hoo updates his Instagram with new photos!

Instagram Park Si Hoo

He wishes us a “Good morning ” wearing a floral outfit.

Don’t know about you, but although it is still Spring (on the northern hemisphere), the colorful flowers create a Summer feeling with me!

Park Si Hoo

Credit: Instagram@park_si_hoo_01

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Park Si Hoo on the Move

Early in my night Park Si Hoo left this picture with the simple text: Departure 

Departure Park Si Hoo

Departure to…….?

Most probably he left for Japan. Judging his face and clothes on his way for business. After all, he might have received offers for interviews regarding the re-broadcasting of his dramas. For sure he has more preparations to do for the upcoming “Dramatic Thanksgiving Tour”. At least, he should know which songs his princesses want him to sing! The deadline is coming near. And how about all those steamy “Love Letters” already waiting to be read?

Anyway, whatever the reason for his early departure, he looks gorgeous in his pinky hoody!

Credit: Instagram@park_si_hoo_01, thank you!

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Hard Working Cats Jami & Dami

Whenever their loving dad is busy with work, Jami & Dami keep in touch with his faithful fans!

Jami & Dami

Photo credit: twitter@neko_jamidami, thank you!

Since last week Jami & Dami are meowing a lot! They surely miss their dad as much as we miss our loving man, when he is preparing day after day for the upcoming Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival in June.

One of their meows was that it is allowed (mobiles, ipad or tablet only) to take pictures of Kim Seung Yoo, Baek Si Yoon, Seo In Woo and
Cha Seung Jo during the shows! This is a very much appreciated meow!

Kim Seung Yoo (Park Si Hoo)

Photo credit: as on photo, thank you!

Next meow was that they thought it would be good to soften the sleepless nights of Kim Seung Yoo by sending him a “Love Letter”. He will be much comforted reading about how much he is loved! E-mail your love letter to with subject line “Love Letter” by May 29. When yours is one of the three selected winners, you will be rewarded by reading your love letter eye to eye in front of Kim Seung Yoo on stage!

Park Si Hoo Odaiba

Photo credit: as on photo, thank you!

They are not finished meowing yet! Which song would you like Park Si Hoo to sing during the show? This one can only be submitted citing your JOFC membership number and the show you are going to attend. Two people will be picked from each performance. They will have the privilege to go backstage to meet Park Si Hoo and get to photograph him twice! Such an exciting look-out!

Not a ticket yet? Park Si Hoo Mobile members and ENISHI readers can apply for one until Saturday May 20 (23:59h).

Buy your ticket here

Jami & Dami are resting now from their hard work and will return as soon as new news come up!

Credit:, thank you!

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[MV] Park Si Hoo in HARU

Yesterday evening I was searching for material for the Dutch fanblog. Then I came across two songs from the OST of HARU. Park Si Hoo was playing a man who was leading a double life. On the one hand, a nice restaurant owner in love with a beautiful woman. On the other hand, a cool-blooded assassin. Not knowing his lover led a double life as well…..

#1 “Haru” by Shinee

Credit: yin, thank you!

#2 “Angel” by Super Junior

Credit: 羽우아, thank you!

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Gift from Park Si Hoo!^^

Although Park Si Hoo must be busy preparing for the upcoming “Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival”, he had time to leave us a gift through his Instagram!  

IG Park Si Hoo

Do you want a doll? Which one?
Pikachu is my favorite, but they look all cute! 

Maybe these dolls are a hint? Will they be part of Cha Seung Jo’s performance? They are as cute as the rabbits Han Se Kyung gave to
Cha Seung Jo to express his feelings!

Want a doll?
Credit: park_si_hoo_01, thank you!

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Dramas Park Si Hoo Broadcasted in Japan

This month of May several dramas of Park Si Hoo are being broadcasted in Japan.

  • BS11 started broadcasting “Neighborhood Hero” on April 2 and still continues. Weekly on Saturday and Sunday from 8:00h to 9:00h in the morning.
"Neighborhood Hero"

  • TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting (terrestrial broadcaster) started to broadcast “The Princess’ Man” from April 10 and still ongoing. Every Monday through Friday from 8:00h to 9:00h in the morning.
"The Princess' Man"

  • Galaxy Channel started to broadcast “The Princess’ Man” on April 28 at Friday midnight 2:00. Each Friday and Saturday 4 consecutive episodes.
"The Princess' Man"

Time Schedule "The Princess' Man"

  • LALATV started broadcasting “Cheongdam-dong Alice” on April 27 and still ongoing. Weekly on Thursday and Friday at 21:30h in the evening. Weekly repeat on Sunday at 23:45h in the evening.
"Cheongdam-dong Alice"

  • Japan Tele Plus will start to broadcast “How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor” (Japanese title: How To Meet Perfect Lovers) on May 22. Every Monday to Friday from 17:30h in the evening to 2 consecutive episodes.
"How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor"

Credit: Sihoorang@kei88, thank you!

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What Do You Think of The Tweaked Lay-Out of this Fanblog?


Our PSH’s fan D Lee shared her view with me about the lay-out of this fanblog compared to the lay-out of the Dutch one. Actually, she just confirmed my own feelings. I missed a balance in its appearance. I had already in mind to make a complete make-over some day. For now I decided to make little tweaks on the existing lay-out. So it is a little bit old and a little bit new at the moment.

I changed the favicon too. Above image you will see in your browser when you open this website.

Hope the lay-out is more relaxing to your eyes and doesn’t distract too much of the news in the posts!

Have a good week ahead everyone! 

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